South Korea Braces for Sidewalk Smoking Ban

South Korean smoker

A new smoking ban will take effect on the streets of Seoul this month, and the city is going all-out to sell the idea (as the Asian Correspondent reported with this photo).

Other major urban centers in Asia have struggled to implement smoking bans. In Hong Kong, loose guidelines on implementing the year-old ban on smoking indoors appears to have had little effect–in part because the law penalizes individual smokers rather than the proprietors of the places in which they light up.

Asia presents a mixed picture of individual attitudes toward smoking bans. According to one study, Asian countries generally favor such bans even more so than Europeans, with 78% Asian employees supporting smoke-free worksites compared to only 51% of European employees.

In the study cited above, India showed the most overwhelming support for workplace smoking bans, at 85% of those surveyed. Taiwan (76%) and China (77%) are behind India, while Japan (38%) and Germany (33%) don’t seem to favor smoking bans much at all.

[Image via flickr/Samout3]JN