Texas Longhorns Now Selling Energy Alongside T-Shirts

Texas Longhorns

Texas’s love of college sports knows no bounds. Seriously. The University of Texas and Texas A&M have started selling branded energy alongside other team gear–so you can now watch the Texas Longhorns game in your Longhorns underwear while sitting in a house powered by Texas Longhorns Energy.

The deal, made possible thanks to Texas’s deregulated energy market, will see Texas Longhorns Energy and Texas A&M Aggies Energy selling electricity and natural gas as soon as next month. The reason? UT explains to Ad Age:

“We’re very conscientious about our brand. We want to be careful with
that logo and that symbol,” University of Texas Senior Associate
Athletic Director Chris Plonsky said. “When BRE and IMG brought it to
us, we went ‘Huh?’ But it made sense because the issue of
sustainability, especially on large college campuses that use a lot of
energy, is important to us.”

You see, UT isn’t selling just any energy. Champion Energy Services is supposedly providing the branded power companies with renewable energy, and every Texas fan that opens an account contributes to a sustainability initiative for either Texas A&M or UT. Champion doesn’t say exactly where this green energy comes from, however–just that “The power for Champion Energy’s Green Power Energy Products is sourced
from renewable generation using wind, solar energy, and biofuels.”

The whole thing sounds a bit gimmicky to us, but Branded Retail Energy, a Texas-based company that sells electricity through partnerships like the UT and Texas A&M deal, is convinced that branded energy will grow in popularity over the next decade. It’s the beginning of a whole new level of sports rivalry.