Fast Blurbs: September 2010

Easily digestible news from this month.

In Remembrance

September 1 is the 25th anniversary of the discovery of the Titanic. A salvaged letter was auctioned in April for 55,000 pounds.


In Entertainment

Fifty years ago this month: Americans watched the first televised presidential debate, The Flintstones premiered, and the Summer Olympic Games were transmitted live for the first time.

In Hope

September 21 is the International Day of Peace. The day begins with the ringing of the United Nations Peace Bell, cast from coins donated by children from around the world.

In Defiance

Banned Books Week starts September 25. To Kill a Mockingbird, Twilight, and The Color Purple are among the most frequently censored titles.



National Apple Month is a three-month promo period, says the U.S. Apple Association, starting in September. We’re okay with that: It means more pie. Start with John T. Edge’s Apple Pie: An American Story (from $2.94, Then try the apple-mountain berry from California’s Julian Pie Co. ($14.95,

Video Games

September 12 is National Video Games Day. Before locking yourself in your basement to celebrate, check out Sony’s new Move motion controller for PlayStation 3. It’s Sony’s attempt to mimic the success of Nintendo’s Wii and pressure Microsoft ahead of the November launch of its controller-free Kinect. ($49.99,