Music: Ear Candy

Fresh albums and music festivals are but a thin slice of what’s happening in the aural soundscape. At, we cover everything from music-inspired design to technology-boosted beats to brand campaigns built on rock stars.


Sound Collars Could Help Deaf Music Lovers
German designer Frederik Podzuweit sends good vibrations to the hearing- impaired with his music collar that lets users feel music rather than hear it.


Interactive, 3-D Music Videos Put Fans in Charge
Swedish pop singer Robyn says hej då to stagnant videos in favor of a 3-D Web site that allows fans to send Twitter posts zipping across the screen, mid-song.

Designers Envision Cobain-Inspired Urns
Grunge has yet to recover from the 1994 death of its icon, Kurt Cobain, but for some designers, mourning an idol can be productive: Four Southern California art teachers have conceived urns that would be made from the music icon’s ashes.

Bing Taps Music to Battle Google
Bing’s rollout of entertainment features — music, games, video — continues the search engine’s fight to meet Google in market share by keeping users on the site instead of sending them away to iTunes, Hulu, and others.

iTunes Plays for Keeps
The desktop computer is still the platform of choice for music management, and iTunes is still the favorite music-selling program — with 28% of the U.S. market, it beat the runner-up, Nokia Music Store (22%).

NPR Music’s iPhone App Rocks
NPR brings its high-quality bounty of beats to the iPhone, taking advantage of the device’s multitasking to keep the music pumping even when it’s in the background.