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2010's Most Imitated Web Businesses

The Net is rife with the sincerest form of flattery. Facebook for movie fans? (Really?) Here are 2010's most-imitated Web businesses. Which copycats look like winners?

2010's Most Imitated Web Businesses

Five Mimics We Love

Science educators and students interact to share peer-reviewed published content and join virtual classrooms. It's as if the Internet could finally work out okay for nerds.
Warby Parker
Never having to try on greasy floor-model glasses? Avoiding the high-pressure sales environment? Girls (and boys) will make passes at ... Parker.
Create an Unvarnished page and then other people rate you as a business professional. Terrifying but essential in these TMI times. How soon can I enlist people to write fake positive reviews of me?
Transforming the way we watch music videos online and the way advertisers make money from them. We haven't been this excited about videos since "Thriller."
Rent the Runway
Buys that expensive gown you'll only wear once so you don't have to — then rents it to you at 90% off retail. Between this and Gilt Groupe, will you ever see the inside of a department store again?

A version of this article appeared in the September 2010 issue of Fast Company magazine.