Jamba Juice to McDonald’s: You Selling Smoothies is Just as Crazy as Us Blending Cheeseburgers

It’s almost too easy to make fun of Jamba Juice, what with
the overpriced drinks, allegedly ripped-off ad campaign, and–no, this isn’t a
joke–recently launched clothing line, featuring neon-green hoodies emblazoned
with the phrase “official taste taster.” That said, it’s truly refreshing (ha)
to see the smoothie titan finally start dishing it out.

Earlier this month, McDonald’s made a play for Jamba’s market share by launching a line of “real fruit” smoothies. (They’re actually made from purees.) Rightfully rattled, the San Francisco-based company has responded by launching a new drink called the Cheeseburger Chill, described in a press release as “beefy, smothered in cheese, loaded with your favorite condiments and blended to creamy perfection.” There’s even a commercial to whet our appetites:

We know what you’re thinking: This sounds insane. And that’s the whole point. The stunt is a fake-out, engineered to suggest that a burger joint getting into the smoothie business is just as ridiculous as a smoothie joint blending up cheeseburgers.

Coming from Jamba Juice, the logic is dubious. This is, after all, the same company that’s trying to broaden its business by selling pint-sized pizzas and oatmeal, which is no less far-fetched than McDonald’s dabbling in smoothies.


But we’ll give credit where credit is due. The spoof-commercial is pretty funny, and offering viewers a $1 off Jamba Juice coupon for having to endure a full minute of “stomach clenching video” is a nice touch. Plus, we’ve heard those McDonald’s smoothies are kind of nasty.