CSR Goes Global: Find Out What You Need to Do to Operate With Success (Part One)

Thinking about expanding your company’s corporate social responsibility program to the international level? It can be a daunting prospect. We’ll discuss key strategies and helpful ideas for how to achieve an Effective Global CSR Vision–benefiting a company’s bottom line, and the community at the same time.


So you are a global company, but don’t quite yet have a handle on global CSR? Maybe you have a domestic program in place, or even give to a crisis here and there. But expanding to the international realm is quite another level.


Many internationally-minded companies don’t yet have an international CSR presence. Yet there is an effective way to increase your bottom line, your brand, and your local presence through CSR, while also serving communities. Here are some starter ideas on how to achieve an effective global CSR vision: Include the right planning, listen to both local and central objectives, and establish a local license to operate. In this post, we’ll take a look at objectives:

Have a Plan Based on Your Company’s Objectives

It sounds simple. But you can’t just react to a crisis, or have your foundation give money and expect that to build your CSR brand. It’s not that easy. Any good CSR program develops from starting with your company’s objectives and goals.

  • Ideally, the plan starts from the CEO’s office. Determine what the company’s bottom line objectives are, which could include brand, employee retention, and/or product adoption.
  • Listen to your company’s foundation, community relations department, and your employees. Here you would determine a plan based on both forprofit and community-based objectives.
  • Consider roping in Corporate Communications and the Marketing Department for their input.

A balanced, thoughtful global CSR plan is a company-wide effort which should take into account forprofit and community-minded objectives.

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