Aspen Institute Amplifies Green Jobs Collaboration With Energy and Environment Awards

Blue Green Alliance named winner in Non-Governmental category.


“Collaboration” and “green jobs” are buzzwords in the climate change scene these days, but The Aspen Environment Forum, in collaboration with National Geographic, just made them buzz a whole lot louder.

They’ve given the Blue Green Alliance this year’s Aspen Institute Energy and Environment Award for the “Non-Governmental Organization” category. The Blue Green Alliance pairs labor unions with environmental organizations to expand jobs in the green economy. It has worked on the Twin Cities’
Mayors Green Manufacturing Initiative, Al Gore’s Alliance for Climate
Protection, and recently sent 100,000 letters to U.S. legislators
urging swift action on clean energy jobs creation. And it’s proof positive that the trend in cross-sectoral projects will endure for years to come. The Blue Green Alliance is, after all, an alliance and its members range from carpenters and steel workers to die-hard green, granola-crunching hippie activists.

Similar to Van Jones’ Green for All, the Blue Green Alliance relies on policy promotion and advocacy to accomplish its objective to promote green jobs and encourage broad environmental investments.

David Foster, Executive Director of the Blue Green Alliance, accepted the award:

“Workers across America are already building the infrastructure for the clean energy economy–whether producing the steel and manufacturing the parts for wind turbines or weatherizing our homes and retrofitting our businesses. Investments in our most pressing environmental challenges are the only viable solution to our systemic economic challenges–creating jobs while protecting the environment for future generations here in America and around the globe.”

Additional winners of the Aspen Institute Energy and Environment Award are architect Shigeru Ban for Visual Art and Design, Amyris Biotechnologies for Corporate Innovation, The Building and Construction Authority of Singapore for Government, and Stanford University professor of biology Gretchen Daily for Individual Thought Leadership.

[Photograph courtesy of the United Steelworkers]


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