ECOWEEK 2010 in the Middle East Brings Leading Architects Together

ECOWEEK 2010, a conference bringing together leaders from across strained borders in the Middle East, has kicked off in Israel and the West Bank with the intention to brainstorm the future of sustainability in the region. An idealistic young Yale graduate, founder Elias Messinas sets out to literally re-build his homeland.

An independent NGO, ECOWEEK is partnering with the Architecture for Humanity Tel Aviv Chapter to carry out a variety of design workshops and then implement the ideas, including designing a “new community center for the Ethiopian community in Kiryat Gat” and a “‘green’ pedestrian street in the old city of Beersheva.”

According to the press release,

“ECOWEEK 2010 is about education, ecology, ‘green’ Architecture and cooperation. It aims to bring together Israeli, Palestinian, European and American architects and young architects and designers, to train in sustainable design and ‘green’ buildings, promoting the principles of sustainability and responsibility, and applying sustainable solutions for local communities.”