GE Invests in SynapSense’s Green Data Center Technology

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GE isn’t just spending the big bucks on own green technology initiatives–the mega-corporation is also investing in outside companies like SynapSense, a startup that uses software and wireless sensors to reduce energy usage in data centers.

GE is joining up with a group of investors to inject $5 million in SynapSense as part of a commercial partnership that will see the larger company bundle SynapSense’s gear with GE’s own monitoring gear and software for IT systems, according to CNet. The combination will reportedly allow customers to save up to 35% on data center cooling costs. GE explains:

The partnership will combine
SynapSense’s technology with GE Intelligent Platform’s Proficy Software
and Control platform. This combined offering will enable data center
operators to optimize energy use by continuously aligning cooling
capacity with changes in IT load…GE’s Proficy
software provides real-time insight on data center and other operational
performance metrics to give customers information to make better
business decisions.

This isn’t a trivial investment for GE. Data centers are responsible for 3% of all energy use in the U.S., so energy efficiency is a big concern for facility operators. A 35% increase in savings is, in other words, a big deal. Rest assured we’ll be hearing more from SynapSense, too–the company is backed by American River Ventures, DFJ Frontier, and Nth Power, among others.