Apple, AT&T, Verizon, Others Join Google in Big Lobby Spending

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As figures for the lobbying spend of Q2 of 2010 were released, all eyes were on Google. With a total of $1.34 million over the past three months, it’s definitely an increase, as Consumer Watchdog will tell you. However, it’s worth comparing Google’s outgoings in Washington with its tech brethren. Firms like Verizon, Apple, Comcast, and HP are all shelling out major dollars in the Federal capital–but who is the biggest spender?

Top of the tree is Verizon, with $4.4 million, according to Politico’s Tony Romm. In fact, there are another four firms between the cellphone network provider and Google: Comcast; AT&T; Microsoft; and HP all pushing a total of $10.35 million between them. Of all of these firms, one can especially understand why Comcast’s spend is so high–with the FCC investigation into its proposed merger with NBC-Universal, it’s having to pull every trick in the book at the moment.

One of the more surprising elements to the list, however, is that Facebook has only spent $60,000 in the past quarter, although that’s up by 50% from the Q1 figure of $40,000. If you consider the frantic activity on Capitol Hill by the Big Blue book in the past three months, are you surprised? Either they’ve got a bunch of interns playing Mark Zuckerberg’s political chess game in Washington, or Facebook holds compromising photos of a political figure deep inside its vaults.


And what about Apple, without doubt the most buzzed-about company in the past three months, what with the the iPad going on sale, the unfortunate iPhone 4 leak and its subsequent antenna problems. A pretty reasonable $300,000. The full list is below.

  • Verizon: $4.4 million
  • Comcast: $3.82 million
  • AT&T: $3.08 million
  • Microsoft: $1.85 million
  • HP: $1.6 million
  • Google: $1.34 millio
  • Oracle: $1.15 million

  • Entertainment Software Alliance: $1.14 million

  • Intel: $840,000
  • IBM: $730,000
  • Yahoo: $550,000
  • ITIC: $535,000

  • Amazon: $500,000
  • Cisco: $370,000

  • Apple: $330,000
  • Dell: $690,000
  • Facebook: $60,000

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