Is Your Boss on the New Sexual Harassment Registry?

office sexual harassment

Boasting one of the better rhyming straplines I’ve heard in a
while, eBossWatch is a registry for bosses prone to sexual harassment.
“Nobody should have to work with a jerk,” claims the National Sexual
Harassment Agency, and if the testimonies are to be
believed, it’s the best thing since Dolly
did disco

Not content with merely being a searchable database (Noah and Tyler, my two bosses at Fast Company, have both checked out okay) it’s also got a Worst Boss section where the truly execrable top dogs are outed. Interestingly enough, of the 25 dawgs, five of them are women, with 15.9% of all complaints in 2008 being filed by men–this one especially sounds nice.

The site, which was inspired by the FBI’s National Sex Offender Registry, was launched yesterday. It sends, apparently, “a strong message to those intending to sexually harass their employees or co-workers that they will be publicly held accountable and will suffer serious consequences for their abusive actions,” according to Asher Adelman, eBossWatch’s founder. So, no public lopping off of genitalia. Yet.