iPad and Record Mac Sales Boost Apple’s Quarterly Revenue to Highest Ever

Steve Jobs

Apple may have been fighting some lousy press in the past few weeks, but its third quarter earnings, released today, show that the company is still raking in cash. Apple might as well buy a currency printing press at this point: revenue was up 78% over last year, at $15.7 billion, with a profit of $3.25 billion.

Interestingly, gross margin is actually slightly down from the year-ago quarter, likely due to the iPad, the low price of which means less profit for Apple.

Speaking of the iPad, the press release includes some sales numbers for all of Apple’s major lines. The iPad, in the third quarter, sold a whopping 3.27 million units–that’s nearly as many iPads sold as Mac computers (and at 3.47 million, this was also a record quarter for Mac sales). The company sold 8.4 million iPhones, slightly down from last quarter, but that’s understandable–it’s widely known when Apple will announce a new iPhone, and many will wait that extra couple months to snag a new model.

Sales of the iPod are, predictably, down: the 9.41 million sold is a 61% decrease from the year-ago quarter. Not too surprising: the iPhone eats into those sales, and the popularity of older, infrequently updated devices like the iPod Classic has shrunk in response.

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