Leaked: Verizon 4G Set to Roll Out to 30 Cities This Year

Verizon 4G fact sheet

So, first things first: We have no idea if these documents are real. They’re all plausible, if ambitious, and have the same layout as other Verizon documents we’ve seen. But we’ve had no confirmation from Verizon, so take everything here with a grain of salt. We’ve been hearing rumors about this forever, though, and these documents are consistent with those.

That said, let’s get to it! Some Verizon documents leaked to Engadget last night showing Verizon’s next-gen network plans. Verizon will be using an LTE network–it’ll also be used by major international carriers like Vodafone and China Mobile–as opposed to the only American 4G network currently working, Sprint’s WiMax.

Verizon’s LTE speeds could reach a peak of 40-50Mbps, which is crazy fast, but real world performance is likely to hit around 5-12Mbps. That’s still very, very fast for mobile speeds, significantly higher than Sprint’s 4G, which hits around 3-6Mbps in real-world use. 3G is lucky to hit 1Mbps.

According to these documents, Verizon is aiming to roll its LTE network out to 30 cities, covering around 100 million people, within the year. 4G modems will be out to use them, with 4G smartphones and, notably, tablets coming out in 2011.

Verizon has arguably the most reliable network in the country at the moment, but it’s nowhere near the fastest–AT&T is faster, when it works, and Sprint’s 4G blows them both away. But if Verizon can successfully roll out its own 4G network according to these plans, they’ll be hard to beat.

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