Configurable Products and Services: Where Is the Excitement?

Here’s what companies with configurable products and services need to be thinking about in terms of support systems.

If your company offers configurable products and services, your recurring challenges are being able to efficiently configure, price, quote and fulfill orders.


Here are a few critical questions to ponder about the support system your company has in place to satisfy the needs of your constituents.

  • Are your customers excited?
  • Is your sales team excited?
  • Are your channel partners excited?
  • Is your headquarters team excited?

Note: “Excited” infers “the ease and seamlessness your support system provides day in and day out.”

The inefficiency cost ranges from 1.5-3.5 percent of revenues and, in some situations, even more. The inefficiency cost excludes the toll on your customers, your sales team, your channel partners, and your headquarters team as a result of recurring business execution challenges.

Companies that thrive don’t allow the gaps and breakdowns related to configurable products and services to simply be a cost of doing business.

For over 30 years, Dave Gardner has helped companies discover that the royal road to the ultimate customer relationship is letting customers order “à la carte.” He assists clients with strategies for “The à la carte customerTM,” and in dramatic improvements in efficiencies and profits. Dave, a management consultant and speaker residing in Silicon Valley, can be reached at +1 888 488-4976, via his Web site at http://www.gardnerandassoc.comor on Twitter @Gardner_Dave


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