Latest Old Spice Parody Gets an A+

BYU Old Spice parody

This week, the Internets have mostly been talking about Old Spice’s awesome advertising campaign. Actor Isaiah Mustafa’s take on the man that men want to be, women want to be with has had just about everyone trying their hands at it. From amateur bodybuilders, to overweight “comedians“, to tattooed “comedians.” Most of them just don’t get it.

The Harold B. Lee Library, part of the Brigham Young University in Utah, however, does. It’s cribbed the Old Spice from head to toe, for a campaign but it succeeds where others fail because it doesn’t deviate from the script. At all. (Obviously it’s written its own, B. Lee-friendly script, otherwise, where would we be? On an old donkey, I guess.)

“Hello Scholars!” exhorts the slightly less empathetic dude in the BYU ad. “Look at your grades. Now look at mine.” It goes from mundanity to the surreal in about a nano-second, as dude-who-isn’t-Mustafa starts bandying about stats about how eight out of 10 dentists think that studying in a library is about a “bajillion” times more effective than studying at home. Last call is for celestial sandwiches, before the guy gets whisked away on a cart. You can guess the pay-off line.

The cult appeal of the campaign has been evident from just about the moment it hit our screens–these days, just about everyone wants to be on a horse. Slightly sad-looking iPhone apps got in on the joke with an animated version that advertises a fake product.

Iain Tate, one of the bods behind the award-winning campaign shows, however, that nothing will match the original, because of Mustafa. A blog post entitled The line to smell the man your man could smell like, shows the Apple Store-esque queues of the W+K employees waiting to hang with the actor.

He’s on a roll.AD