Apple Says Bloomberg Antenna Report Is “Simply Not True”

Last night, Bloomberg wrote that senior Apple engineers knew of the iPhone 4’s antenna problem and ignored it. Today, Apple forcefully denies any such thing.

iPhone 4


Last night, Bloomberg released a report saying that according to inside sources, a senior Apple engineer named Ruben Caballero warned the Apple higher-ups, including the big man Steve Jobs himself, that the iPhone 4’s external antenna design could cause it to drop calls. Allegedly, a source at AT&T also voiced concern about the iPhone 4’s antenna.

Apple responded to Bloomberg’s report, saying it’s
“simply not true.” In a quote given to the Wall Street Journal:

response to the article, an Apple spokesman said, “We challenge
Bloomberg BusinessWeek to produce anything beyond rumors to back this
up. It’s simply not true.”

Of course, as Business
points out, the basis of Bloomberg’s article is not, in fact, a
rumor. It’s an anonymous quote from a source, and the fact that the
source is anonymous does not reduce the story’s credibility–Apple’s PR
is locked down tight, and to give information like that to the press
would certainly result in a quick boot out of Cupertino.

Regardless, those warnings were, obviously, ignored, since the iPhone 4 does indeed drop calls when the phone is held in a particular way. That flaw has caused a PR nightmare of the sort Apple hasn’t seen in decades–not that Apple has had a perfect track record (the new 27-inch iMacs have had serious display problems, for example), but never on such a big scale. In a few hours, Apple will give a press conference addressing the issue–a drastic move from the company. We’ll report back then to see how Apple responds.

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