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iFive: BP's On-Off Woes, CIA's $5 Million to Amiri, i-dosing, Twitter's Next moves , Old Spice Throws in Towel

While you were sleeping, innovation was, apparently, announcing its engagement to more innovation. All this took place without Mom finding out, which surely means a job at Apple can't be far behind, such are the secrecy levels of Bristol Palin and Levi Spresley, or whatever his name is.

1. Following a postponement due to safety fears, BP has begun re-testing the oil cap. Or not. In fact, it's hard to tell whether it's stop or go in the Gulf at the moment, but it sounds like an oil leak in the choke line is putting paid to the curtailment efforts. Never mind the oil spill, BP is now fighting allegations that it had a hand in securing the Lockerbie bomber's oily early release.

2. As nuclear scientist Shahram Amiri touched down in Tehran this morning, the CIA claimed that it had handed over a cool $5 million to him for intelligence. No dice, however—Amiri counter-claimed at a press conference that the U.S. had tortured him, as well as accusing the U.S. and Saudi Arabia of abducting him.

3. As Twitter blithely pretends that their product isn't about monetization, Meghan Keane has a nice roundup of the 140-character site's next move: It's all about trial and error. Gawker's Valleywag site, however, claims that co-founder Evan Williams is on the verge of "being ousted."

4. Digital drugs? At last! Wired's Ryan Singel has uncovered i-dosing, or online dealers who peddle kids digital drugs that get them high via their headphones. Here's an Oklahoma newsroom dropping a tab of panic into the fractal-gazing, Underground Resistance-listening, Glo-stick waving cauldron that is summer life in the Midwest.

5. Everyone wants Old Spice Man--including me! As ReadWriteWeb uncovers the nuts and bolts of Procter & Gamble's social media and YouTube marvel, one part of the campaign is coming to an end. "Well folks, like all great things, this too must end," says Isaiah Mustafa as he throws in the towel on the Old Spice Questions front. Sliver Fish Hand Catch!