A Graphic Designer Turned Coach, Pushing For Creative Courage

James Victore’s one-day symposium, Take This Job and Love It, will attempt to instill attendees with jolt of self-assurance in their creative endeavors.


James Victore believes in you. The graphic designer who is unabashedly “hell-bent on world domination” wants you to uncover, recover, and discover your potential, and conceived Take This Job and Love It to give you–yes, you–a good goosing. The upcoming one-day symposium, whose tickets start at $500, is geared towards creative types who need to shift out of the mindset that work is a grind and embrace the reality that work is a gift. “The way our studio has developed has made it clear that the quality of what we make depends on the quality of our thoughts,” Victore tells Co.Design. “If I can develop my own, and can help people develop theirs, I’m game. I like that.”


Speaking up about challenges that he, and others, have faced was an organic evolution for Victore. After going out on the road with his book, Who Died and Made You Boss, he found that he was discussing less what it looked like, and more what it “said”; sharing its meaning, and the motivation behind it, touched a collective nerve. This realization directed his own turn as a modern day motivator. He assembled a Dinner Series, inviting guests to eat and chat with big, influential names in the biz like George Lois and Jessica Hische.

At the behest of his wife and studio assistant he launched a Tuesday Q&A series on YouTube, where he tackles topics that range from all-nighters to ego to regrets to, simply, duh. And while pressing play on any one of Victore’s archived videos will introduce you to a quick-talking man equipped with seemingly endless stores of self-assured knowledge to drop, making it look easy don’t, in fact, come easy. When speaking of his latest endeavor he’s disarmingly, and charmingly, candid. “The first thing I want to do is divulge my insecurities,” he says. “I was not born confident–it’s something I have to work every day.”

Take This Job will offer an opportunity to spend dedicated time offline with like-minded seekers. “I’m often thinking, wait a minute, where is our focus? I’m big on attention–because that means consciousness–and intention,” he says. “There are some basic human qualities that are awesome and amazing and we shouldn’t let ’em go. Like fear; fear is a great thing–something to lean into, not to run away from–but technology keeps us from it. We don’t have to talk to people, we don’t have to look people in the eye, we don’t have to ask real people for help, we just Google the fuck out of everything. That’s not good.”

Here, he shares eight (of eleven) Commandments from Take This Job And Love It:

  • Your work is a gift
  • Feck Perfuction
  • Warrior not worrier
  • There ain’t no rules
  • Freedom is something you take
  • Advertisers Think You’re Stupid
  • Kill the critic
  • Teach your tongue to say, “I don’t know.”

Victore wants each attendee to walk away with newfound courage, and “a really concrete idea in their head that they can do this,” he says–“this” being successfully sorting through whatever career-driven crisis of confidence or professional turning point they’re up against. He understands that time takes its toll on the immediacy of an in-person event, and plans on keeping up with a key final ingredient: accountability. “I want to hear from you in a month to say you’ve turned people down–with love in your heart, and not being a dick–when they ask too much. I want to hear from you in three months that you’re finding something better.” Everyone gets by with a little help from their friends, and its infinitely reassuring to that even when times seem dire and it’s tough to find a bright spot of clarity, you’re not alone. Victore wants to be there to guide your own revolution.

Take This Job and Love It will take place in New York on September 29th. For more information, check out the site.