The World Isn’t Linear

Non-Linear Graph

The world doesn’t unfold in a linear way even though many of us would like it to be. If it were linear we would be able to plan it out step by step. When have you ever lived through a day when you weren’t thrown a curve ball?

Strategic planning is happening in board rooms across the country. Have you taken the last strategic plan and worked 5 or 10 years back depending on how far out that plan was supposed to cover? Forget the success and failure rate and bottom line. How about considering what worked and what didn’t in an organic way, and added the new way of working to the equation, technology, social networks, and then see how far our you can plan.

Can you really predict what the world will hand you even 2 years out? What if you “danced in real time,” co-created within and outside the organization? What would that look like?

More to come.

Donna Karlin, Executive Shadow Coach™, www.abetterperspective.comDK