B&N Offers Students Free NOOKstudy eTextbook Software

Barnes and Noble NOOKstudy app

Proof, if you needed it, that Barnes & Noble is one of the more dynamic retailers around: as well as hardware, it’s just gone into software, with its free NOOKstudy application, a Mac- and PC-compatible program that lets students keep everything they need on their computer, from textbooks and class handouts, as well as making notes directly into their eTextbooks.

The firm, whose Nook is one of the cheapest e-readers around, has been trialling NOOKstudy at schools for a while now, hence its “designed by students, for students” tagline (the teachers also had input, but I guess they weren’t credited because they’re, uh, not cool.)

Rather wisely, B&N have decided that NOOKstudy is not something that requires a Nook, just a regular laptop or computer. Out in August, the software will dovetail nicely with the publishing firm’s SparkNotes and Sterling Publishing, and could be a useful tool to beat its close rival, Amazon, with its Kindle.

But what we really want to know is, how will it fare against the iPad? The App Store is chock-full of note-taking apps, one of which was also designed by a high school student, for students. AD