The Week That Was: “Borrow Without Shame”

We take a peek at the last leg of the High Line, and Cale Thompson offers advice on how to stay off customers’ sh*t list. It’s Co.Design’s top 10 stories of the week.

3 Things Every Company Can Do To Stay Off Customers’ Sh*t Lists. “If customer expectations are being shaped by another category, borrow without shame.”


A First Look At The High Line’s Incredible Final Phase. Can’t wait until it opens.

PayPal Launches PayPal Here, A Competitor To Square Designed By Yves Behar. “We’re actually going after offline business in a serious way.”–David Marcus, VP of mobile at PayPal.

What If We Put A School Atop Every Building In Manhattan?
Non-pointy buildings, natch.

Surprisingly Awesome: A Guy Snowboarding In An LED Body Suit.

6 Lessons In Brand Strategy, From The Brains Behind Gaming’s Best Brand. “We wanted to be like what Nike was to basketball or Burton to snowboarding. Astro would be that for video gaming.”–Brett Lovelady, of Astro Gaming.

The iPad Of Air Purifiers: Controlled By Gestures. We just fell in love with an air purifier. Yikes.


A Scale That Sketches Your Weight Like Rings In A Tree
. “Each time you step on the scale, this tree-ring-like chart thickens. Hopefully, it’s the only thing growing larger.”

9 Of The World’s Most Inspiring Infographics. From the forthcoming book Information Graphics (Taschen, April 2012).

The Current Rage In Branding: Fake Authenticity Is Now A-Okay. The whole world is turning into Portlandia! Run (in your faux-vintage Sauconys)!!


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