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iFive: Footie Farewell, BP Spill, Google's Interactive Ads, U.S. and U.K. Govt. Broadband Plans, Barefoot Bandit Banged Up

While you were slumbering in your bed, innovación was dancing a pasa doble with the Jules Rimet trophy on its head, crying tears of alegría, and wibbling about in a state of what can only described as benevolent inebriation. Way to go, España, and dos cañas por favor!

1. For the first time in its history, Spain is the proud possessor of a large-ish gold trophy, following a month of less-than-whelming football in South Africa, although Holland aimed its final two-footed tackle, this time at referee Howard Webb. After all the griping about crime and lack of infrastructure, the tournament has given the Rainbow Nation a feeling of unity, says the NYT. Elsewhere in Africa, Islamic militants killed 64 in Uganda in two attacks.

2. How much has the Deepwater oil spill helped the cause of climate change? Not much, says the Washington Post. BP is fitting a new cap on the leak but, as part of the operation, the oil is flowing freely again. Inexplicably, the oil giant's shares rose 5% this morning, but there are reports that it is planning to sell its Alaskan oil fields.

3. Eric Schmidt has been revealing a fair amount about Google's plans recently, and here's the latest: interactive video ads. Not just for YouTube, said Schmidt at the Sun Valley Conference, but for standard Web pages. What's more, there's a school of thought that the firm's purchase of travel firm ITA holds a clue to how it's going to improve real estate search.

4. Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg got himself served with a double-shot skinny mocha-latte lawsuit while enjoying a coffee with Sheryl Sandberg at the Sun Valley Conference, but not before he'd enjoyed a Webchat with U.K. PM David Cameron. While the U.K. is hoping to get everyone of working age online by 2012, in a campaign led by founder Martha Lane-Fox, some U.S. senators are not happy with the FCC's broadband plans. If the U.K. government's plans for teleworking come to fruition, however, we could miss some of the more creative excuses for arriving late to work, as compiled by Swedish website "Someone moved my teeth."

5. Colton Harris-Moore, aka the Barefoot Bandit, has been caught. He was nabbed by Bahamian police in Eleuthera early yesterday, after being on the run for almost two years. Mr Bandit's mom, Pam Kohler, was sanguine about the hot water her son was in (and enjoying). "I'm glad he's able to enjoy beautiful islands, but they extradite."