How to Dress for Work

If you ever saw how I dressed for work at my start-up every day, you’d never take fashion advice from me. As one of my employees pointed out, I wore a uniform of t-shirts, jeans and Patagonia fleeces.

After years in the corporate world and even once being scolded for not wearing panty hose (hey, I have brown skin–I didn’t think anybody would notice), I vowed to myself that I would only work where I could wear jeans every day.

So it’s surprising to me that now that I’m not working so hard anymore, I’ve fallen back in love with fashion. There are some women out there, however, who really get how to put together a killer ensemble and log the hours. One such woman is Laura Randolph. She’s an up and comer.

Blonde hair, Southern upbringing and a business school polish, Laura is transforming how women see themselves in the workplace with her blog, The Red Stapler Project.

She’s an advocate of style in the workplace. My generation got stuck behind the 80s power suit generation–you remember them, the women who had to dress like men in skirts to be taken seriously (and a big thank you to those ladies for paving the way for me) but has definitely relaxed into its femininity with the advent of casual Fridays and Banana Republic trousers.

Laura’s generation is taking it up a notch. They got the Devil Wears Prada message: fashion is serious business. But don’t let the skinny belts and ballet flats fool you, these fashionable young women are shooting for the corner office and Laura’s aim is to help them. As for me, I just bought a Derek Lam sweater.

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