Fast Company Cover Subject Soraya Darabi Becomes Cofounder of Foodspotting

Soraya Darabi

“We need more young women starting companies,” Soraya Darabi told me last month, and after sharing onstage and offstage conversations with her, Ray Kurzweil, Jesse Dylan, and Scott Belsky at our Most Creative People event, I left convinced that she was on the brink of her next step.

Now Darabi is ready to announce what that is. She’s leaving and will be coming on as cofounder and head of business development and marketing of a startup called Foodspotting. It’s Urbanspoon meets Foursquare meets food blogging. Enjoying your yummy pad thai? Snap a pic with the iPhone and upload it. Looking for a tasty bite in Midtown? Turn on the app and watch other’s pics pop up. Plus, earn points for making good recommendations.

She’ll be presenting at tonight’s New York Tech Meetup if you want to hear more.

I’m not the first to note that Foodspotting is a perfect frappe of current social media trends: mobile, location-aware, photo, checkins, and a great content area, food, that draws both casual and passionate users. Clearly Darabi has her finger on the pulse, and while it may not be as ethonomical as her previous post at the New York Times helping Nicholas Kristof reach millions of youth, her prospects look bright from here.

[Photograph by Jill Greenberg]AK