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101 Things to Do With Outlawed Speedo LZR Wet Suits: Architecture

S Pavilion

Designboom has got a nifty little post on a project by some platform 2 students from the Chelsea College of Art & Design. The s_pavilion is an external structure made from LZR Racers, those Speedo wet suits that gave Michael Phelps his edge at the Beijing Olympics, and Flavia Zocarri the bum's rush a month earlier.

S Pavilion

There's something very HR Giger meets Battlestar Galactica here. The team that turned it from its sartorial roots into something more architectural come from different departments all over the college. Textile designers, materials engineers, programming engineers, all using skills such as sewing and digital modeling.

S Pavilion

But all the time I was writing this post, there was something nagging at me. The s_pavilion reminds me so much of something that's been in the news recently, something that FC has covered in depth, and I couldn't quite put my finger on it.

S Pavilion

And then, suddenly it came to me. It's like an oily version of the BP logo, melting on a hot pavement in London. Whatever the intention, the s_pavilion is disappearing from London for a couple of months, but it will be back in the British capital in September for the London Design Festival.