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Tesla Unveils Roadster 2.5

Order now, and Tesla will throw in a few shares of freshly inflated stock!

Tesla Roadster

Tesla Motors doesn't have another vehicle coming out until 2012, but that isn't stopping the automaker from making tweaks to the already-released electric Roadster sports car. The updated "Roadster 2.5," launching today at Tesla's stores in Copenhagen and Newport Beach, California, is the fourth iteration of the EV. The changes are trivial: a new front fascia and rear diffuser, seats with improved lumbar support, an optional 7" touchscreen navigation system, better interior sound reduction, power control hardware (Tesla's press release cheerfully exclaims that this "enables spirited driving in exceptionally hot climates"), and directional forged wheels available in both black and silver. No word on how much these upgrades will cost.

Tesla Roadster

It's probably not a coincidence that Tesla chose to announce the Roadster's upgrade just two days after the company's impressive Nasdaq debut. Tesla needs to keep its momentum going if it doesn't want that precious stock to crash before investors have a chance to cash out. With the Model S still two years away from a debut, small changes to the Roadster might be the best way to keep things positive. Here's hoping all the hype doesn't lead straight to vaporware.

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