Infographic of the Day: Who Drives Worse, Teens, or Seniors?

Teens–but not by much.

 Everyone grouses that seniors are a bit shaky at the wheel, but the data are surprising. When you compare those 65+ to those 15-20, the two groups are both nearly as accident prone, as this infographic by frequent Fast Company contributor Gavin Potenza shows:


What’s particularly surprising is that even in old age, males tend to get into far more car crashes than females. Morever, I bet that if you tweaked the data range on the senior set just slightly–examining, for example, those over 68–you’d find that they’d be at least, if not more dangerous on the road than teens.

Funny that there seems to be far more attention given to how dangerous teens are on the road. Then again, teens don’t vote. And old people definitely do. Only a very dumb politician would make getting them off the road into a crusade.

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Cliff is director of product innovation at Fast Company, founding editor of Co.Design, and former design editor at both Fast Company and Wired.