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Robyn's Interactive, 3-D Music "Video"

Robyn's new online music promotion gives a taste of what interactive videos might become.

Robyn's Interactive, 3-D Music "Video"


Have you heard of the Swedish pop singer Robyn? Mix Ace of Base with '80s Chicago house music. Now you have.

Her new project to promote her latest album is something altogether fresher, though. Based around "Killing Me," one of the singles off the album, it's not a video—but rather a Web site in 3-D. Created by Mary Fagot of Blip Boutique and Stopp Web, the animation has a kind a Tron-meets-"Flying Toasters"-screensaver-like appeal—stuff flying at you in 3-D!

Words pop up on screen, coinciding with the stuff that poor Robyn says "is killing me." But in the second half, the crowd takes over. If you include #killingme in a tweet, the Web site integrates it into the words zipping across the screen. Kinda cool, dead simple.

Robyn Killing Me

Robyn Killing Me

Robyn Killing Me

Makes you wonder: Where are all the interactive music videos? Presumably, they're much cheaper to make that a real video. (The makers of "Killing Me" note that the "video" was created all in code.)

And they can be pretty fun, as this interactive video for the Cold War Kids shows. The Cold War Kids video was created by Tool of North America, the same creatives behind the Touching Stories interactive iPad short films.