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iFive: Energy Change Law in Jeopardy, Storm Hits Deepwater Cleanup, Verizon Goes 4G and iPhone, SpiderKid!, Gaga Goes Homme

Lady Gaga Homme

While you were sleeping, innovation was being held to ransom on Capitol Hill. Ah, frack it, it said, before shrugging on a suit and smoking a cigarette—all in the name of art.

1. Barack Obama's attempts to push his clean energy agenda through the Senate looks like it is on hold for the moment. Add that to a report in The Guardian, which claims that Americans, feeling the pinch of the downturn, are returning to their cars as public transport budgets are cut all over the States, then a reduction in carbon emissions seems unlikely. Although one unlikely candidate, Formula One, is looking to cut its carbon footprint by 15% over the next three years.

2. Hurricane Alex has hit the cleanup operation in the coastal areas of the Gulf, although it is not hampering BP's efforts to cap the Deepwater Horizon spill further out to sea. Experts, however, are still in the dark as to what exactly happened when the well erupted. The 70-day disaster has overwhelmed the Marine Spill Response Corp., a sinking fund set up by oil companies to deal with catastrophes such as this. Out of date equipment and lack of personnel are to blame, reports the Washington Post. BP's cultural sponsorship efforts, a touchy subject for many activists, should remain in place, says The Guardian's Jonathan Jones, as governmental art funding will the the first thing to go.

3. Verizon's 4G, or LTE, network is to be rolled out from November, says Boy Genius Report, giving 100 million subscribers in 25 markets the chance to go faster on their mobiles. The network provider is also, reports Bloomberg, on its way to iPhone nirvana, a win-win situation for both Verizon and Apple, who will "dramatically increase" U.S. sales, according to an insider. The firm's memo to AppleCare reps outlining company policy in troubleshooting the iPhone's antenna issues has been made public, again, by BGR. And, a day after Google Docs was made available for the Android, it's time for iWork to come to the iPhone.

4. Spiderboy! A 13-year-old schoolkid from Britain has designed a wall-scaling device made from two vacuum cleaners. See him in action here.

5. And finally, is this (above) Lady Gaga? The supersonically creative singer has apparently done a shoot with Nicola Formichetti for Vogue Homme in Japan, but no one's saying if it's her or not. It's a bit like Amy Winehouse channeling the spirit of Nick Cave.