Living Walls, the City Speaks

Long a symptom of urban decay, graffiti has been co-opted into
presidential campaigns, fashion, even dinnerware, yet no one has dared
promote it as a crucial factor for vibrant community building. Monica
Campana and Blacki Li Rudi Migliozzi, an artist and a grad student,
respectively, propose just that with a free conference on street art
and urbanism. The end goal is to blanket Atlanta with posters submitted
by street artists from all over the world on walls “donated” by
businesses. In soliciting canvases, the sell was easy once Migliozzi
showed artists’ work samples. “People see the artistic value,” he says.
“They see it as good work, not just tagging on a wall.” A lecture
series and artist presentations are planned, as well as a night in
which participants can crochet “graffiti” onto light posts and other
fixtures. A tight-knit community never got so literal. — JV

Fri, August 13

Living Walls, the City Speaks

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