10th World Congress of Bioethics

“In a way, bioethics is sort of a catch-up game,” says Lee Hin Peng,
chair of this biennial meet-up, which draws the field’s top academics,
researchers, and policy advisers. “Every time there’s a new development
in science, you stretch the boundaries a little bit more.” Held in
Singapore, this year’s event aims to hash out pressing ethical concerns
in science and public health in a globalized world, such as organ
trafficking; stem-cell therapies; even the May announcement of the
creation of the first “synthetic cell,” which has the potential to kick
open the doors to full-blown genetic engineering. The goal, says Lee,
is to come up with universal principles whose applications in a
specific locality take into consideration the history, culture, and
religious background of that country. — Jennifer Vilaga

Wed, July 28

10th World Congress of Bioethics

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