Infographic of the Day: Censorship Muzzles 1/4 of the World’s Population

Here’s another intriguing infographic from the Woorkup, which shows two things: At the top, the number of people around the world affected by censorship. And, at the bottom, the portion of people in those countries that have access to the internet:

World censorship infographic

There’s probably not much to say about this, except to note that the topline figure for people muzzled by censorship is a shockingly massive portion of the world–25% of people alive.

Then again, you could argue that censorship is only effective in countries where Internet penetration is low, because with a bit of technical know-how it’s easy to hop the Internet firewalls such as the ones that China and Iran have in place. So while censorship has grown, it’s probably not nearly as effective a tool for state control as it once was.

And that might be one reason why in many of the countries with both high censorship and high Internet penetration–such as China, Iran, and Egypt–the government is sustained by nationalism. After all, you may hate your government, but you’ll let them stand if you hate everyone else even more. CK