Interactive Movie Trailer for German Horror Channel Wins Big at Cannes Lions

There is a dark, yet wildly creative, force at work in German horror channel 13th Street. Owned by NBC Universal, it’s just scooped one of the top prizes at the Cannes Lions, for their interactive movie, Last Call, billed as the first interactive horror movie in the world.

First came the flyer. Participants filled out their details, including their phone numbers, on a card which was enterted into a speed-dial database. Then, during the showing of the movie, the database would select one cell number–and call it. Thanks to especially-developed voice-recognition software, the call’s recipient was able to direct proceedings to the protagonist and tell her what she should do next.

The pay-off line is ever so smart, don’t you think?

And if you think that’s a super-sized chunk of scary brilliance, then you should check out their stationery–a perfect example of a product’s branding and identity.

Every little detail has been thought out–from the rip strips on the envelopes…


To the serrated edges on the disks.

Best bit is what the creative team, led by Jacques Pense and Michael Ohanian of the Jung von Matt agency, did to the side of the headed paper.

Last Call is a bit like the Choose Your Own Adventure project that FastCompany did for the iPhone 4 leak (although, admittedly, a little more hi-tech). What’s more, it marks the first time cinemagoers were happy for their fellow spectators’ cellphones to ring during the showing.