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Everyday Objects Stash Money, Secrets, Drugs, IDs

Looking to hide your drugs or money? Yiting Cheng might have something for you.

Everyday Objects Stash Money, Secrets, Drugs, IDs

Yiting Cheng Stash Lamp

Yiting Cheng just finished up a master's degree in design, but she could already teach James Bond a thing or two about stashing valuables.

For her thesis project, Cheng designed a series of eight objects that ingeniously store secrets—from passwords to money to drugs to IDs. And you can see all of them in this nicely shot video (our favorite is the secrete drawer, hidden in the edge of a table, which is only accessible when attach a magnetic pull):

According to Cheng:

This project is about concealing valuables, secrets, bad habits and personal information in our workplaces. Here, hidden spaces/messages were created within 8 general objects such as wood boards, lamps and disposable coffee cups.

How? By utilizing stereotypes and visual camouflage. We make judgments based mainly on our experiences and what we see. This dependency on visual information can create large blind spots. Thus, usual stereotypes of how we perceive solid, transparency and lighting are employed in this project to play with notions of "solid and void" and "true and false."

In other words, she hides things in plain sight, by hiding them inside objects so familiar that you'd never question their integrity. Q, eat your heart out.

Yiting Cheng Stash Docs