Nendo’s Crushingly Cute Mouse Has Detachable USB Tail

Oh, Japan, what can’t you do?


God bless the Japanese, who have succeeded in making nearly everything on the planet more adorable. And now they’ve really done it. They’ve managed to make a mouse — yes, that little white utilitarian computer mouse you’re clutching right now — cute.


From the clever kids at Nendo comes the Oppopet wireless optical mouse. Each mouse is fitted with a detachable USB piece that matches the color of the trackball. But Nendo went one step further, turning that USB piece into the tiny tail of an animal (“oppo” means “tail” in Japanese).

The tail detaches from the mouse’s backside and plugs into your computer.

To operate the mouse, the tail detaches from the mouse’s backside and plugs into your computer. The mouse remains a completely functional piece of equipment (with a fun burst of color on the trackball), and the USB tail provides a humorous effect for your computer. Maybe like a squirrel has burrowed itself into your hard drive.

The idea of turning your mouse into a little pet is rather brilliant. As you transport the mouse from one place to another, you might take a bit more care with it, like you’re cradling a very small rabbit in your hands. The USB serves a purpose, too, as you’ll likely never forget your pet’s “tail” in another computer. But the truly ingenious part of the design was creating the mouse’s body: It’s vaguely animal-like as it should be, but still abstract enough that you can imagine it as everything from a whale to a raccoon.

According to Nendo, they chose the tails which best suited the rounded shape of the mouse. I gotta say, the little pink curlique of the pig tail just slays me.

The mice will be available in Japan at the end of July, and will be sold internationally soon.

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