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Wanted: A Bike Basket Perfect for Eames Freaks

Faris Elmasu bike basket

If you're a design geek—or if you've got any Eames-era bent wood in your house—this bike basket is for you. It's designed by Faris Elmasu, a 25-year-old based in San Francisco.

The nylon straps do away with ugly bungee cords—and the nylon is strong enough to hold a six-pack of beer. (But what about two six packs? C'mon, Faris!). The bent wood is five layers thick, made with vacuum forming. (It actually looks a lot like the Eames-designed leg splint we love so much.)

Faris Elmasu bike basket

Faris Elmasu bike basket

Currently the basket is available by order through Elmasu himself. But there's a patent pending—so maybe mass production will come sometime soon?