Even Executives Need a Vacation

Five tips to keep in mind before taking off.

Before an entrepreneur makes the big leap of starting or taking over a company, they’re usually cautioned by various folks that their life is about to change drastically. Aside from the enormous amount of responsibility and increased hours, new business owners are often warned that they can say farewell to any vacation time.


Running a business is an exciting journey and executives are entitled to some R&R every once in awhile too. However, the key is implementing a solid plan for how the company will run during absences by management. At TV Ears, employees at all levels give their best effort and we believe that vacations are necessary to keep everyone healthy and operating optimally. To ensure things run smoothly, here are five tips to keep in mind before saying bon voyage.

1) Double check calendars

It’s not uncommon for folks to take vacations and then realize they have commitments for that same week. Give your calendar a second glance to ensure meetings haven’t been scheduled in your absence and reschedule them if so.

2) Keep staff members in the know
Issues arise frequently where staff members need input or approval on various projects. Be sure employees in all departments are given notice of any absences by the executive team so they can funnel their questions to the designated ‘go to’ person.

3) Set up an “Out of Office” message
It’s imperative to post an “out of office” message informing individuals that you’re away from work and specify the period of time you’ll be gone. It’s also wise to include another point of contact should they require immediate assistance.

4) Assign another contact
Before leaving the office, ensure that the next in command is prepared to take on any additional tasks and is aware they will act as your “out of office” contact. This will help keep everyone on the same page and reduce the likelihood of chaos.

5) Inform your consultants
Many companies outsource various tasks to different consultants. If an executive works closely with any of these folks, give them a heads up that you’ll be on vacation.  For example, our public relations team is constantly pitching TV Ears for various story ideas related to the hearing industry, it’s imperative to provide them with back-up contacts when the executive team that routinely conducts interviews is on vacation.  

Running a business is a tough job and hard work should be rewarded. After all, if the president of the United States can take a vacation, an executive of a company is also entitled. However, a thorough checklist of areas to cover should be addressed to ensure business runs as usual.  In July, I’ll tie the knot and depart on my honeymoon. I’ve already taken the steps necessary to reduce any hiccups and I’m more than confident in the group of professionals that will run the company in my absence.  Careful planning to cover the bases will allow me to enjoy being a newlywed without having the burden of work on my mind.


About the author: George J. Dennis is the founder and CEO of TV Ears, a fast-growing manufacturer of doctor recommended TV listening solutions. He can be reached at