World Cup 2010: Get Published on a Skyscraper!

It’s the World Cup, writ large.

Nike just unleashed another part of its World Cup “Write the Future” campaign, this time with a skyscraper as the medium: Using LEDs, soccer players’ photos and accompanying text are beamed onto Johannesburg’s 30-story Life Center Tower. The 90-meter high images are accompanied by up to 57
characters of user-generated text, a response to Nike’s instruction to soccer fans to “Write Your Headline.”

To make it to Nike’s big screen, people submit headlines via Twitter and Facebook (or Mixt in South Africa and QQ in China). Just 100 messages are chosen per night, and competition is stiff—since Nike launched “Write the Future” on May 20, the campaign has had more than 32 million “views digitally,” according to the Nike’s website.

The mid-May kickoff for Nike’s 2010 World Cup campaign came in the form of a three-minute movie—”Write the Future”—directed by Alejandro Iñarritu. Among the famous footballers in the film are celebrities who may not be as well known for their skills on the field: Kobe Bryant, for one, and Homer Simpson, who opens the door for swoosh- and diamond-studded (and cartoon) Cristiano Ronaldo.

Writing headlines shown by 207,520 LEDs can be tough. For
inspiration, look no further than Iñarritu’s mini-film/commercial. It’s certainly among his less complex work (to say the least), but for the most in slow- and fast-motion soccer adorned by flash-bulb happy crowds, it does the trick.