HP Buys Melodeo, Suggests Ability to Stream iTunes Library to WebOS

The cloud is coming. The days are almost over when it matters how much storage your phone has. Why bother moving music over to your phone when you could just stream it? That’s the direction mobile media is going, and all the major companies know it.

Microsoft‘s upcoming Windows Phone 7 streams music over 3G from your Zune library at home to your Zune app on your phone. Google announced the same plan for Android at this year’s I/O conference–the company bought Simplify Media to help with that transition. Apple bought Lala, a streaming music company, and is allegedly deep in talks with record labels to allow streaming to its iOS devices.

And now HP, the owner of the fourth modern mobile operating system, Palm’s WebOS, has purchased Melodeo, likely for the same reasons. Melodeo has previously created the Nutsie app (an anagram for iTunes), which streams iTunes playlists to Android devices. Melodeo told reporters that streaming of the full iTunes library was next on the agenda–looks like HP may want that development all to themselves.

HP is very likely to pop Melodeo’s services into WebOS. Of course, we have no idea what HP plans to do with WebOS–the only firm comment HP has made on the subject is that we’ll see WebOS in printers. But WebOS is one of the best mobile OSes on the market (some would say the best), and HP probably (hopefully) won’t let it go fallow. This acquisition is a good start to a next-gen WebOS mobile device.

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