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HP Brings the Noize--and Dr. Dre and Timbaland--to Culver City High School Graduation

Dr. Dre

In the world of strange partnerships—Catherine the Great and her horse, HP and, um, Palm—then HP and Interscope records might seem like bedfellows from indeed, a galaxy far, far away. Unless, however, you're a student at Culver City High, in which case a hookup between a firm best known for printers and arguably two of the most talented artist-producers music has seen in the past 20 years, must seem like the most logical thing. Here's what they did last night.

Courtesy of a little bit of HP dinero, Dr. Dre and Timbaland surprised the kids at their graduation party with a live set. Follow @interscope and @hp_pc's Twitter accounts and they're staying silent on the matter—although Dre and Timbaland are probably still asleep. Facebook, however, is another matter. Culver City High girl Melyssa Patton was stoked.

omg best night ever saw timerland and dr dre at culver city high school thanks hewlett packer (hp) omg got a little concert

Hewlett Packer? Is that the younger brother of Greg Packer?

The school (omg) also got a little equipment—$10,000-worth, to be exact—some HP gear for a raffle, free food, and the knowledge (dubious, perhaps, for those students who nipped off for a surreptitious blunt in the corner) that it was filmed for an online documentary, although all of that is a by-product of the odd couple's bunk-up: improving digital sound quality.

It's the first time that Timbaland and Dre have performed together, and Interscope's chairman, Jimmy Iovine, must be praying that the two do a collaboration together, although he stressed it was up to the two of them, not him. As well as Promiscuous Girl, Carry Out and Say Something, Timbaland also gave a shout out to the school's English Grammar teacher and performed The Way I Are. "Y'all got a curfew?" he asked the rapturous crowd.

But if the video below shows how nutty the Culver High Kids got for the KIIS FM roadshow earlier this month, the gym roof must be orbiting somewhere close to the ISS after last night's gig.