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WANTED: Dyson Air Multiplier Fan (in New Shapes and Sizes)

Dyson fans

The Dyson Air Multiplier, which came out last fall, is odd in several ways. For one thing, it's a fan, and people are talking about it. But the more obvious reason is that it's a fan with no blades. No blades!

It works by taking in air through its base and accelerating it 15 times through the round head of the unit. The Air Multiplier doesn't really do anything more than a typical $15 fan, although it is about twice as powerful (nearing commercial power). It has a toggle for oscillation, and adjustable speeds, just like the cheapie bladed versions. They're beautiful and an almost obscene waste of money, and I want one quite badly.

Dyson added two other models with the same technology, both significantly larger than the original models (which were mere 10- and 12-inches in diameter). The Tower Fan is a whopping 40 inches high, shaped in a kind of tall, thin oval (try making an oval fan with blades!). The Pedestal Fan seems slightly larger in diameter than the similarly round original models (the Pedestal looks to be about 15 inches), but has an extending next to reach up to 55 inches in height.

Correction: Both the Tower Fan and Pedestal Fan models of the Air Multiplier will be available in about a week from Dyson for $449.

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