Twitter Makes It Easier to Follow Your Facebook Friends (Or Would, if It Wasn’t Blocked)

Twitter’s Facebook app showed off a new feature today: It shows all of your Facebook friends who are also on Twitter, making it easier to follow them. Great, right? Except Facebook seems to have blocked it.


Twitter’s Facebook app is the little software that most people use to insert their Twitter updates into their Facebook stream. It hasn’t had a ton of other uses until today. Twitter announced on their blog that the company is rolling out a new feature that would make it easier to discover and follow Facebook friends.

Essentially, it scours Twitter for usernames, and gives you a big list of all your Facebook friends who are also on Twitter. That way you can get even more updates from your ex-coworkers or that girl who sat next to you in math class in sophomore year of high school. It also works for LinkedIn, in much the same way. Quoth Twitter:

Our Facebook app, which launched in 2007, now shows which of your Facebook friends are on Twitter and lets you follow them instantly and save them to a list. The app also lets you post your Tweets to your Facebook profile and now, to one of your Facebook pages too.

With the Tweets application by LinkedIn, you can see which of your LinkedIn connections are on Twitter and follow the ones you choose right from the app. The app also lets you save your LinkedIn connections as a list, post your Tweets to LinkedIn, and add your Twitter account to your LinkedIn profile.

However, shortly after it went live, it went down. Twitter updated the original blog post to say “The Facebook app cannot currently access your Facebook friend list. We
believe this is an issue on Facebook’s end.” Facebook noted “We are working with Twitter to resolve the issue.”

As we wait for a response from Facebook and/or Twitter, the feature remains down. That’s lame; it’s a really good idea and I can’t imagine what issue Facebook might have with it, if indeed they did yank it. I’ll keep you updated if we find out anything new.

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