Infographics of the Day: All You Ever Wanted to Know About Kissing

I wish I’d seen this video yesterday, so I could’ve told my valentine that I wanted to passionately juxtapose my orbicularis oris muscles against hers. (Well, maybe it was a blessing that I didn’t see it in time.) Anyway, the factoids are still fun: 90 seconds of scientific and cultural tidbits about kissing, presented in animated infographic form. Watch and learn:


Designed by Bashar Alaeddin, Roger Dario, Clark Macleod, and Marija Vidanovic

The short film was created by a team of student animators at the Vancouver Film School. Aside from the dorky science-textbook definition of kissing, we learn that ancient Romans defined three different kinds of kisses: one for greeting total strangers European-style, another for close friends and family, and a lusty kind—shown below–reserved only for that special someone.


If your honey is into dead languages, knowing this will get his/her motor started.

We also learn that testosterone, which contributes to lusty feelings in both men and women, is present in saliva — so no wonder that swapping spit will lead to making babies if you’re not careful. The video throws in a couple of neurotransmitters activated by kissing too, which are the same ones that start squirting around your skull when you do hard drugs.


Addicted to love — it ain’t just a Robert Palmer song.

Finally, we get back to dorktacular factoids like the definition of lips themselves: “a transitional skin layer between the inner mucus membrane and the outer hair-bearing tissue.” I’m not so sure about that one–might want to pick up a copy of the new book “The Science of Kissing” to fact-check that. But this video is still a great primer on osculation for the all sexy science nerds out there.


[Your lips are a “transitional skin layer”]

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