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Russian President Medvedev to Tour Silicon Valley With Jobs as Tour Guide

Dmitry Medvedev

So, Dmitry Medvedev has hit California for a three-day tour. He's safe, since Jack Bauer is probably holed up with a caipirinha (caipirosky?) on a South American beach. (I could tell you where, but then I'd have to go dark and, without triangulation, courtesy of Chloe O'Brian, we'd be in serious schtuck.) Gubernator Schwartzenegger, who received him in San Francisco yesterday, just doesn't do that kind of stuff any more. But it's what Medvedev's doing later on today that's the interesting bit.

Medvedev, meet Silicon Valley. Silicon Valley, meet Medvedev.

The Russian President has found windows in his diary for Biz Stone and Evan Williams of Twitter, and John Chambers, CEO of Cisco, as well as a speech at Stamford University. Earlier this year, Chambers' colleague, Padmasree Warrior, embarked on a trip to Russia to see its own Siliconski Valley, Skolkovo. But it's his meeting (I daren't say window, for obvious reasons) with Steve Jobs that will be the most interesting. Or "quite interesting" as Medvedev pronounces it.

The Russian President is already a fan of Apple products—his go-to laptop is a MacBook Pro, when he's not rocking this little monster, as well as an iPad—and one writer on True/Slant reckons he'll be getting an iPhone 4 ahead of schedule. But the idea of Jobs giving a guided tour of One Infinite Loop has FastCompany absolutely intrigued.

Jobs (striding in front, brandishing iPad above his head): "We're walking, we're walking. On the left is the cafe, on the right employee indoctrination."

Medvedev: "It's a bit large, your campus. Can't we use a Segway?"

Jobs: "You want one of those, talk to Woz. Here! (proffers own iPhone 5) You can have a bit of Face Time with him."

Medvedev (pointing to R&D labs): "What goes on in there?"

Jobs: "I'm afraid you can't see that. Well, you could, but then I'd have to send you to another part of the campus. (swipes iPad a couple of times and brings up the schematics of One Infinite Loop, showing a part of the campus outlined in red.)

Medvedev: "What goes on there?"

Jobs: "That's the Infinite Gulag. Where people who've been where they shouldn't have been go for brain re-iLignment. You know Jason Chen? We've reserved a suite for him."

Medvedev (nodding sympathetically): "We've got one of those, too. In Russia, we're finding there's a huge amount of growth in that sector. Which reminds me, got a few billion I can borrow?"

Tomorrow, Medvedev meets up with President Obama, to talk about joining the World Trade Organization. Russia's entry, however, depends on its improving of intellectual property—and, suggests Reuters, cleaning up corruption in the Motherland. It scores 2.2 (on a scale of 10) in the Corruption Perception Index.

One wonders why this couldn't have been done on ChatRoulette. It would have been so much more environmentally sound.


[Image Via Cult of Mac]