Wanted: Muji Creates Three New Apps for iPad (and Design Nerds Faint)

Muji, the cultishly popular, minimalist Japanese retailer, has released three new apps for the iPad.

They are: a calendar, a notebook, and a travel organizer. All are done up in Muji’s signature design, which is to say very little design. (Though the graphic-design system will be familiar, from the packaging of the company’s products.) And all are free except the notebook; it’s $3.99. Highlights here:

Muji Calendar
This is designed to synch up with Google’s calendar — great news for those of us who use it simply because it’s just about the only thing out there, while hating the interface. The chief benefit here is having such a clean, function way of managing your calendar — so clean in fact that probably gives Apple’s own apps some decent competition:

Muji Notebook
Here, we’ve got a digital interpretation of Muji stationary. Features include handwriting recognition and predictive text input, which helps you take notes and sketch — all on a super-simple notepad.

Muji to Go
This one’s our favorite. Think of it as the software equivalent of all those sexy little travel containers and cases at the Muji store — it’s basically a virtual travel organizer for information rather than cosmetics. It has everything you need to not feel like a clueless tourist abroad: world clocks, weather forecasts, exchange rates — the list goes on. It also links up to Muji Calendar.

Download the apps here.