Wanted: Muji Creates Three New Apps for iPad (and Design Nerds Faint)

Finally, the reigning king of clean product design finds a foothold on the iPad, the paragon of clean gadget design.

Muji, the cultishly popular, minimalist Japanese retailer, has released three new apps for the iPad.


They are: a calendar, a notebook, and a travel organizer. All are done up in Muji’s signature design, which is to say very little design. (Though the graphic-design system will be familiar, from the packaging of the company’s products.) And all are free except the notebook; it’s $3.99. Highlights here:

Muji Calendar
This is designed to synch up with Google’s calendar — great news for those of us who use it simply because it’s just about the only thing out there, while hating the interface. The chief benefit here is having such a clean, function way of managing your calendar — so clean in fact that probably gives Apple’s own apps some decent competition:

Muji Notebook
Here, we’ve got a digital interpretation of Muji stationary. Features include handwriting recognition and predictive text input, which helps you take notes and sketch — all on a super-simple notepad.


Muji to Go
This one’s our favorite. Think of it as the software equivalent of all those sexy little travel containers and cases at the Muji store — it’s basically a virtual travel organizer for information rather than cosmetics. It has everything you need to not feel like a clueless tourist abroad: world clocks, weather forecasts, exchange rates — the list goes on. It also links up to Muji Calendar.

Download the apps here.


About the author

Suzanne LaBarre is the editor of Co.Design. Previously, she was the online content director of Popular Science and has written for the New York Times, the New York Observer, Newsday, I.D


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