Fish Nibble Your Feet in the Nightclub Ambience of This London Spa

Fish Nibble Your Feet in the Nightclub Ambience of This London Spa
Aqua Sheko

This is Aqua Sheko. It’s a beauty spa in
. That the decor, by 7Gods, looks like the lounge of
a chichi seafood restaurant, what with the slick black furniture and
the underlit fish tanks, is perhaps all too fitting. The spa is a place
for noshing. Except, instead of you nibbling on the fish, the fish
nibble on you.

Your feet, in any case.

Aqua Sheko

The spa bills
itself as London’s first “fish therapy” outpost. Here, women and maybe
some men pay good money to dunk their feet in tubs full of dead
skin-suctioning Garra rufa fish for what’s supposedly a first-rate
pedicure. Sounds…fishy. (Is it sanitary? What’s wrong with a
pumice stone?) But whatever. We’ve heard of stranger beauty regimens.

But then you have this space constantly reminding you that
you’re in the midst of flesh-eating fish: tanks practically everywhere;
cold lights that emphasize those darting, silvery scales; black glass cladding around the furniture, creating a sort of hall-of-mirrors
effect; and a geometric wall
pattern so dizzying you might as well just stare at your feet. This is all, apparently, by design. From the designers’ Web
site: “We have used a dark décor to highlight the fish and create
restful and tranquil experience for clients.” Restful and tranquil?
Please. The whole thing looks like something out of a coked-up nightclub — or Tron except with foot-munching fish.

Aqua Sheko

Here they are, the fearsome pedicurists.

Aqua Sheko

is a British creative design agency. They’ve done several shops and
office spaces, including their own beautifully minimal studio, and they
have a knack for handmade lighting fixtures. See some examples here. Fish therapy, however,
doesn’t seem to be their thing.

Aqua Sheko

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