New Office Is Ideal for Naps and Finger Painting

In the end, the only thing we grown ups really want is to get back to kindergarten.


So suggests the new work facility of Youmeet. Youmeet is a company in Utrecht, the Netherlands, that provides meeting space for creative organizations, and its office, designed by Rotterdam-based architects Sprikk, looks like the ideal place to fingerpaint and eat paste.

We jest, we jest. Well, sorta. See for yourself:

It’s got big tables and primary colors and soft carpets and plush furniture everywhere.

The only thing missing here are bins full of popsicle sticks, glue, macaroni, and construction paper:

Loosely divvied up into zones (for brainstorming, speaking formally, and so on), it’s conceptualized to give workers a free-flowing atmosphere for hatching their cleverest ideas. And if they want to nap, there’s room for that, too.

Sprikk has more details:

The interior is designed as an open floorplan, allowing the space to be perceived as one continuous space. Floor and ceiling form a neutral basis on which objects and furniture are placed in order to divide the meeting centre into the zones… Birchwood elements, incorporating storage spaces, fitted with presentation screens and sound installations form divisions between the rooms. Glass partitions ensure acoustic insulation while allowing for communication, unobstructed views and plenty of daylight.

We’ve written lots about open floorplans (see our last story on Sprikk here), and while they’re great at cutting costs, they’re not right for everyone. But that’s the beauty of this arrangement. Companies hole up in the space temporarily; when they’re done, they can go back to being boring old adults.

[Sleepy time]

[Images courtesy of Sprikk]