Marcel Wanders’ Wacky Moooi Showroom Opens in London

Dutch design provocateur Marcel Wanders has unveiled his latest bit of insanity — a showroom for his quirky furniture brand Moooi, in London. And, as you might expect from a guy who makes vases out of boogers, it looks like a 19th-century British tearoom smashed into a Salvador Dali painting.


[The “Monster” chairs are some of Wanders’s newest creations]

It’s Moooi’s first outlet in the UK, and it shows that the company is becoming a serious contender in the international modern furniture game. The UK is one of Moooi’s top markets. London is a design mecca, where having a showroom is a sign that you’re ready to play with the big boys — even if you’re selling giant horse lamps and murdered piggy banks.

“Moooi is just in the beginning stages in London,” says the company’s CEO Casper Vissers. “To grow further we need the visibility of the product that will allow the team to work more closely with our existing and potential clients.”

So without further ado, we present the weird, wonderful world of Moooi:

[Elements, a series of stackable end tables by Spanish star Jaime Hayon]

[The showroom is located in this gorgeous old stucco house from the late 1900s.]

[The Carbon chairs — made of carbon fiber and insanely light — and the Random pendant lights are by Bertjan Pot; the Lolita lamp, in pink, is by the young Croatian Nika Zupanc]

[That spider-like chandelier above the table, called Dear Ingo, is by Ron Gilad; the Erector-set looking floor lamp by the couch is by Fresh West]

[Moooi shares the space with the Dutch flooring company SENSO, which has just released a range by Marcel Wanders.]

[Suspension lights by Raimond Puts]

[Images courtesy of Moooi]