iFive: BP’s Hayward Sails Into PR Storm, Facebook Movie Poster, World Cup Red Cards, Wimbledon Begins, Red Sea Redemption

While you were sleeping, innovation was limbering up for a competitive game of tennis, lobbing balls over the net, rather than into the back of it.

1. So Tony Hayward went sailing into yet another PR storm. Meanwhile, an oil worker on the Deepwater Horizon rig claims that the leak was identified before the explosion, and both BP and Transocean were notified. Details of the attempt to prevent the blowout are now emerging.

2. You’ve signed up to Facebook, got the friends, played FarmVille, now see the poster of the movie. Jesse Eisenberg plays Mark Zuckerberg, who may or may not be facing the death penalty in Pakistan, in the Aaron Sorkin-penned The Social Network, and it’s in movie theaters this October. Looking forward to Columbia Pictures’ Facebook marketing campaign.

3. The red card given to Brazilian soccer star Kaka on Sunday night must be rescinded, says a Twitter user. Referee Stephane Lannoy could be the first casualty of the World Cup, for his substandard officiating of the Brazil-Ivory Coast match. However, what is a World Cup without a little bit of controversy?

4. Meanwhile, non-football sports fans may be pleased with the arrival of the Wimbledon tennis tournament, which begins today. NGO Oxfam will be cheering on Roger Federer who, if he wins an unprecedented seventh title, will net the charity £100,000.

4. While Israel is at last to ease its blockade of Gaza, allowing civilian goods in for the first time since 2005, there’s a storm brewing in the Dead Sea. A plan to pump water into it from the Red Sea in order to stop its waters receding any more is coming up against heavy opposition from both the environmental lobby and the industrial sector. AD